Get Out and Experience Nature and Shit

nature-and-shit-t-shirtThere are 59 National Parks in the United States. I think I’ve been to about 10 of them.

If I had to name my favorite so far it would definitely be Sequoia National Park in California.

Go there if you want to see the biggest trees in the world. It’s awesome.

If you can’t make it to a National Park, just get out and experience Nature & Shit.

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Paul Bunyon was a Hipster, before Hipsters were cool.


If you have any connection to the Midwest, you probably know how hard core Paul Bunyon is – he’s a legend.

But, before they built his iconic statue, they had to tone down his coolness.

Because some say Paul Bunyon was a Hipster, before Hipsters were cool.

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Get a Duck Hunt Shirt and Re-live your Childhood


It was the late eighties. The Nintendo was the hottest thing around (I’m talking about the original NES).

I lobbied my mother to no avail, but she simply couldn’t afford to buy one for me at the time.

After several months, she handed me a random storage box and told me to put it in my room. I opened the box and there it was.

An 8-Bit video console complete with a shiny orange gun that would define not only my childhood, but also my generation.

All of us old enough to remember, can’t help to associate that era with a much less complicated time.

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